The Process

Ozone (O3) is enriched oxygen that effectively sanitizes, deodorizes, and detoxifies and home, office or workplace. Most treatments start with an ozone treatment that is monitored to deliver maximum benefit with minimal interruption of work. We deconstruct a variety of threats at the molecular level using a process that is Green, Sustainable, and Effective.
The second step is applying a fog or mist that sweeps the air of particulates, neutralizes toxins, and further sanitizes surfaces, while leaving behind no toxic residue. The process can be completed in record time, and is EPA registered, Green Certified, and one of the most effective process.
The final step is the application of an extraordinarily Green product designed to restore the healthy biome. A layer of this amazing non-toxic probiotic is applied that eats away the biofilm of any organic residue while providing a germ-inhibiting system that, when integrated with a daily cleaning routine can provide 30 days of protection.